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Laser Level Digital Angle Casting Inclinometer

Laser Level Digital Angle Casting Inclinometer

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The Laser Level Digital Angle Casting Inclinometeris a portable gauge that can be used at any angle of 360 degrees. It is easy to operate and versatile in providing accurate horizontal and vertical base and plumb bases for interior construction sampling and calibration, aiding, and positioning alignment.


    • Ultra-wide double-sided LED & Clear Display: The screen adopts an ultra-wide double-sided LED color screen, a high-definition smooth glossy surface, for the feel of the hand. Measurement seconds response, real-time data display, the operation is one step faster.
    • Lightweight and Portable: The whole machine is light to about 70g, 1/5 of the weight of ordinary level, easy to control with one hand. The body is as thin as 20mm, with 2 comfortable and simple buttons, achieving an extraordinary operating experience. Construction without fear of restraint, easy all day.
    • High bright and slim LD red light Long distance construction visible: Choose high bright LD red LA-ser source, small energy consumption, line width as thin as 1mm, horizontal and vertical with the measurement, multiple strong light point clear focus, strong penetration, distance, and clear still.
    • 360° universal measurement Arbitrary angle cast line: Easy to achieve 360° arbitrary angle cast line in a complex engineering environment, one key dual axis with the same measurement, with the use of bracket, to meet a variety of construction needs, suitable for stairs, ceilings, corners, and other space work, one machine multi-purpose, save time and effort, home decoration worry-free. operating experience. Construction without fear of restraint, easy all day.
    • Type-C Charging Port: Built-in high-capacity lithium battery efficient battery life, with Type-C charging interface, no matter where you are, can be renewed at any time to solve the embarrassment of long hours of work without power, eliminating battery life anxiety.


    • Product size: 120*20*35mm
    • Product net weight: 70g
    • Laser wavelength: 660nm
    • Laser class: Class II
    • Protection level: IP54
    • Indoor distance: ≤10m
    • Horizontal accuracy: ±1mm/5m
    • Vertical accuracy: ±1mm/5m
    • Working temperature: -10℃~50℃
    • Storage temperature: -20℃~55°℃
    • Battery specification: 730mAh rechargeable lithium battery
    • Working mode: absolute angle + relative angle
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