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Adjustable Leather Car Neck Pillow

Adjustable Leather Car Neck Pillow

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When you have a sore neck, driving in the car for a long time will be torture. And it is not safe to drive. We have the Adjustable Leather Car Neck Pillow that allows everyone to adjust to the most comfortable position. Your driving experience will never be the same again. 


  • Texture and Pattern of Original Color: Close to the original design of the car, integrated into the original car interior, comfortable support, offering you comfort like first class.
  • Elastic Cushioning: Built-in independent spring relieves the impact and reduces the impact of sudden braking inertia force on the head.
  • Bendable Design: The headrest can be bent to support the neck in the left and right so that you can take a good rest when the car is stopped. Enjoy the sweet and secure sleep and never suffer from the unsupported neck, both from the bottom and sides.
  • Breathable PU Leather: Selected high-quality leather, breathable and comfortable, comparable to car seat leather, as if it were produced with the original car.
  • Slow Rebound Memory Cotton Core: Soft and resilient, never deform after a long time of use, effectively reducing the impact force on the head in case of a sudden brake.
  • Push and Press Installation: It is easy to install by simply pushing and pressing.


    • Material: PU Leather & Aluminum Alloy
    • Size: Front - 270 x 123mm / Side - 181 x 123mm

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