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Heavy Duty Dual Computer Monitor Arm Stand For Desk

Heavy Duty Dual Computer Monitor Arm Stand For Desk

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Heavy Duty Dual Computer Monitor Arm Stand For Desk

Facing difficulty on arranging your cluttered workstation due to multiple monitors? This exceptional monitor stand helps you to adjust your monitors in flexible orientations so you can freely move things in and out of your desk.

monitor arm

Compared to the fixed monitors, our exclusive monitor dual stand has a unique adjustable height mechanism. Not only does it save significant desk space by elevating the monitors, but it also helps access the hard to reach stuff in your work area.

Plus, adjusting the monitor height based on your preference helps prevent potential neck sprains or back ache. Simply put, finding the right monitor stand for you can provide convenience to your working environment.


DURABLE - Our advanced monitor stand for desk is proven to be one of the most sturdy platforms for dual-monitor set ups. It is made from heavy duty C-clamp and die-cast aluminum, making it sufficient enough to hold weights of up to 22 lbs in total.

CABLE MANAGEMENT - This monitor desk mount has an integrated cable management system that keeps your cables clipped on the center of the mounting pole, making your desk neat and organized.

360° MONITOR ROTATION - Easily switch your screen orientation from landscape to portrait mode using the adjustable arms that allow rotation of up to 360 degrees. You can now have the freedom to place these monitors in your most comfortable viewing position!


Screen Size:  15"~27"  per monitor
Max. Loading: 11 lbs  per monitor
Tilt : ±90°
Swivel: ±180°
Rotation: 360°
Stand Column Height: 450mm
Sliding Rail: 703mm
Max. Clamping thickness: 90mm/ 130mm
Stand Base Size: 500*390mm 

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