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Kids Soft Lightweight Weighted Gravity Blanket

Kids Soft Lightweight Weighted Gravity Blanket

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Kids Soft Lightweight Weighted Gravity Blanket

In need of a kids weighted blanket to help your child get a good night's sleep? Our children's weighted blanket makes it extremely easy for your child to stay asleep all night long.

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Filled with glass beads, the weighted blanket evenly weighs over the child's body in the most gentle way possible. It wraps your child and gives them a soft hug, keeping them secure all night long.

When your child gets too cold at night, you can flip the boys weighted blanket over for him or her to feel the warmth of the polyester material. If it gets too hot, you can have your child use the nylon side of the girls weighted blanket for a more cooling effect.

best children's weighted blanket

Best out of all, the kids weighted blanket comes in multiple different sizes to fit on almost any bed. Ensure that your child has a good night's sleep every time by tucking them in with the children's weighted blanket.


HYPOALLERGENIC - Made with hypoallergenic fabric, the weighted blanket for 3 year olds lays gently on your child's skin. This way, your child's skin won't easily get irritated while he or she sleeps. 

QUICK HEAT DISSIPATION - Keep your child from overheating in bed by letting them sleep with the boys weighted blanket. It will keep the child at just the right temperature all night long.

COMFORTABLE - With its fluffy and quilted design, the girls weighted blanket is extremely comfy to sleep with. The kids weighted blanket provides good breathability despite its 7-layer design.


Size: 36" x 48", 41" x 60", 48" x 72" 
Color: Pink/Grey
Weight: 5 lbs, 7 lbs, 10 lbs, 12 lbs


1x Children's weighted blanket

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