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Long Outdoor Trampoline Water Sprinkler 39 Ft

Long Outdoor Trampoline Water Sprinkler 39 Ft

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Long Outdoor Trampoline Water Sprinkler 39 Ft

Add some fun and excitement to your simple trampoline setup by equipping it with our premium trampoline sprinkler. Our trampoline water sprinkler sprays out cool mists of water throughout your trampoline to keep users cool during hot summer days.

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Measuring 39ft long, the trampoline sprinkler system is capable of covering the diameter of your trampoline with ease. Its full coverage ensures that water is sprayed from all angles to keep you drenched while you have fun under the sun.

Equipped with a UV-resistant hose, the trampoline water sprayer does not age or crack even with constant exposure to the sun's harsh rays. This outdoor trampoline sprinkler also comes with a reinforced hose connector that prevents any water leakage that can weaken the sprinkler's spraying power.

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Best part of all, the trampoline water sprinkler comes with cable ties for a simple and quick installation experience. Get relief from the harsh summer heat by switching on our premium trampoline sprinkler system while you bounce around on your trampoline.


POWERFUL - One of the most notable features of this trampoline water sprayer is its ability to spray strong streams of water all around. Deliver ample amounts of water to all sections of your trampoline with ease by powering up the outdoor trampoline sprinkler.

STURDY - No matter how strong the water pressure is, the trampoline sprinkler doesn't explode or break apart due to its heavy duty-design. This means that you can turn up your hose to the highest setting and rely on the trampoline water sprinkler to remain mounted onto your trampoline's rim all day.

EASY TO SET-UP - Setting up the trampoline sprinkler system is as simple as connecting it to the rim of your trampoline with zip ties. Once connected, simply turn on the water pressure until the trampoline water sprayer sprays out water.


Product material: PE
Product size: 39.4ft


1x Outdoor Trampoline Sprinkler


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