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Premium Balloon Decoration Garland Arch Kit 100 pcs

Premium Balloon Decoration Garland Arch Kit 100 pcs

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Premium Balloon Decoration Garland Arch Kit 100 pcs

Add shine, color, and class to any venue or event by decorating it with our large balloon arch. Equipped with 100 assorted balloons, the balloon garland will be the center of attention in any party.

best balloon arch

Equipped with a 16-foot balloon strip, each balloon of the baby shower balloon arch will be easy for you to fix close to each other. This way, the wedding balloon arch will look full and vibrant while it towers over everyone in the venue.

Whether you use the graduation balloon arch as a doorway or as a background piece, the birthday balloon arch will complete your party set up. Not only that, but the balloon arch comes with a variety of balloon designs and colors for a more unique look.

best balloon garland

Best part of all, the balloon garland can be customized as it enables you to arrange the balloon in any pattern that you prefer. Make any party look classy and stylish by setting up the baby shower balloon arch!


EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Our wedding balloon arch comes with all the tools and materials that you need to fully set it up on your own. All that you have to do is to pump the balloons, arrange them on the balloon strip, and tape the graduation balloon arch on a sturdy wall or platform.

DURABLE - Each and every balloon from the birthday balloon arch kit is made out of thick latex material. This way, you can rely on the balloons to stay plump and beautiful all day long even when placed outdoors under the sun.

VERSATILE - Equipped with multiple materials, the balloon arch enables you to create different types of balloon arrangements. Not only can you create a balloon arch, but you can also use the balloon garland as a centerpiece, banner, wall, and more!


Color: As Shown.
Material: Plastic, latex.
Tape strip length: 5 m
Ribbon length: 10 m
Package Size: 21.2 x 21.2 x 6 cm


1x Baby Shower Balloon Arch
1x Balloon Glue Dots
100x Balloons
1x Balloon Inflator
1x Roll of Ribbon

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