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Solar Powered Waterproof LED Flagpole Spotlight

Solar Powered Waterproof LED Flagpole Spotlight

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Solar Powered Waterproof LED Flagpole Spotlight

Keep flags illuminated throughout the night by powering up our heavy-duty flag pole light. Equipped with five LED lights, the solar flagpole light provides unobstructed lighting, giving you and others full visibility of the flag.

flag light

Our solar flag light comes with two ring fasteners that help you attach it to a flag pole. These rings connect to the solar powered flagpole light and can easily wrap around flag poles that are 1.9 to 5.9 inches in diameter.

Equipped with a solar panel, the LED flagpole light can be powered by constant exposure to the sun. When the solar flag spotlight is fully charged, it can stay lit for up to 12 long hours.

solar light for flag pole

Even better, the LED flag light has an adjustable body, giving you the option to adjust the lighting angle to better illuminate the flag. Clearly display flags even during the night by keeping them well-lit with the high-powered flag pole light.


RECHARGEABLE - Our solar flagpole light does not require much maintenance due to its rechargeable battery. Simply leave the flag light exposed to the sun without any obstructions to ensure that it remains fully charged at all times.

WATERPROOF - Created with a waterproof outer casing, the flag light can withstand constant exposure to rain and other outdoor elements. Even the solar panel component of the solar flag light won't be fazed by unpredictable weather.

DURABLE - Made with high-quality plastic, the solar powered flagpole light is extremely sturdy and highly durable. Not only does the LED flagpole light stand strong against rain showers, but it also keeps it shape with regular exposure to the sun.


Solar Panel: 5V 320mA
LED: 3 x 0.5W ultra bright white LEDs
Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh (rechargeable)
Fit for: Diameter 1.9-5.9 in
Illumination Time: Up to 12 hrs


1x Solar Flag Spotlight

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