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Ultimate Leather Working Craft Tool Kit

Ultimate Leather Working Craft Tool Kit

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Ultimate Leather Working Craft Tool Kit

Create high-quality leather crafts right in the comfort of your home with the help of our leather working tools. Our leather working kit comes with all the components that you need to make the perfect leather accessories.

leather tool kit

Equipped with leather stitching wheels and diamond chisels, these leather crafting tools are able to even punch stitching holes onto leather sheets. This way, each stitch will look uniform and clean, which will make your leather crafts look professionally made.

To produce smooth edges, the wooden edge slicker from the leather crafting kit can buff even the toughest leather material that you use. It even comes with a solid skiving knife that will help you cut off thin edges with extreme ease.

leather tooling kit

Most importantly, the leather craft kit can be used by beginners and professionals alike due to its high-quality tools. Produce beautiful and high caliber leather goods with the help of our leather working tools.


DURABLE - Made with high-quality metal and wood, the leather working kit comes with durable components for daily use. Each tool was made to last for years so that you can create leather goods for a long time.

MULTIPURPOSE - With its all-around functionality, the leather tool kit will assist you in creating your leather goods from start to end. Every tool of our leather crafting tools plays an important role in cutting, assembling, and finishing each leather piece.

ERGONOMIC - Equipped with ergonomic handles, each component of the leather crafting kit fits perfectly in your hand. This way, you'll have a comfy grip on each tool for better movement and control.


Quantity: 18 Style Tools
Material: High-Quality Metal and Wood


5x Leather Edge Grinding Polish Tool
1x Adjustable Leather Edge Stitching Groover Tool
1x Wood Handle Edge Beveler 1mm
1x Japanese Style Skiving Knife
1x Leather Edge Edger Beveler Skiving Tool
1x Leather-craft Sewing Roulette Leather Stitching Wheel 2.5mm
1x Leather-craft Sewing Roulette Leather Stitching Wheel 4mm
1x Wood Multi-Size Edge Slicker
1x Multi-Size Hole Punch, 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/3.5mm/4mm
1x Adjustable Edge Creaser up to 1.5cm
1x Set Leather Stitching Diamond Chisel 4mm 1,2,4,6 Prong
1x Skiving Tool with 5pcs Replacement Blades
1x Stainless Edge Beveler 1mm
1x Stainless Edge Beveler 2mm
1x Wood handle Awl

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